Stewardship 2016

 “What shall we offer You, O Christ, Who for our sakes appeared on earth as Man?   Every creature made by You offers
thanks.   The angels offer a hymn; the heavens a star; the Magi, gifts;  the shepherds, their wonder; the earth, its cave; the wilderness, a manger; and we offer a Virgin Mother.   O pre-eternal God, have mercy on us.”

                                                                              --- Christmas Great Vespers

My Dearest Faithful Steward and Supporter of Panagia,

In a most beautiful and descriptive manner, the above hymn from the Great Vespers of Christmas tells us that time of the year is a season of giving which has its origins in the gifts which all of creation offered to God become man.  Christmas is a time of gifts, and a season of giving.  And each year, we are confronted with the task of deciding for whom we will purchase gifts and what gifts will be purchased.

Similarly, when we look at our Church, we are also confronted with that similar task, and asked to take time to reflect and look at ourselves, as stewards, and pray and meditate on the “gift of gifts” that we are asked to pledge and give back to God and His Church.  That is done primarily through the Program of Stewardship, where we can commit a portion our time, talent, and treasure for the work of the Church and her ministries.

In this upcoming year, 2016, and throughout these past nine decades, thousands of committed supporters before us faithfully and prayerfully carried on the task of doing Christ’s work for this ministry.  And now, we are entrusted to continue the work of Christ though our time, our talents, and our material gifts.

Our beloved Parish of Panagia meets the financial needs of its annual Ministries and Operating Budget by way of its Orthodox Christian Stewardship Program.  Consequently, our parishioners are Stewards of the Assumption Church, and rather than dues payers, they accept direct responsibility as caretakers for the financial support and progress of our Church and its mission.

On this website, you will find more information about stewardship and becoming a part of our beloved Panagia Family.  Should you have any questions whatsoever, we ask that you contact us so that we may assist you in any way possible.  In addition, a pledge card can be found, along with a time/talents card to supply us with your pertinent family information.  These may be printed, filled out, and returned to the Church office.  And ultimately, the financial level at which you arrive at should be a spiritual expression of gratitude and love to God for all we have received.

We thank you for the commitment of love and support which you have always shown to our blessed Panagia and Christ’s Church.  Asking for your continued support and wishing you well always, I remain,

Very Rev. Timothy G. Bakakos

Ms Stavroula Spyropoulos                                     Mrs. Mary Zouras
          2016 Stewardship Co-Chairperson                                                   2016 Stewardship Co-Chairperson

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