Stewardship 2020

November 1st, 2019
Holy Unmercenaries Cosmas and Damianos

Dear Faithful Steward and Supporter of Panagia,

By definition, to be a steward is to be someone who looks after the property of another, to care for and maintain such property until the rightful owner returns to claim it again. The practice of Christian stewardship begins with this same understanding: what we have is not our own. In our lives as Christians, this implies that our time, our talents, and our treasures are gifts from God to be used prudently and increased for His glory and the sake of our fellow man.

This year, stewardship programs across the Holy Archdiocese of America will focus on the stewardship of time, drawing from the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes: “A time for every purpose under Heaven.” Because it is our most precious resource, how we choose to spend our time says a lot about who were are and what we value. But when we freely give of our time to others and to God in the Church, we find that we receive back what we give in abundance. The sacrifice of our time is met with the promise of eternity in God’s Kingdom.

As we meditate more deeply on this theme, I hope that we will be moved by our God’s great mercy for us to take up the responsibility of being good stewards of His gifts. Enclosed in this mailing is the stewardship packet for the year 2020 for you to review and prayerfully respond so that we are able to continue offering God’s unconditional love to all who enter her doors.

May God continue to bless our parish of Panagia and all of her stewards with every good thing from above!

Rev. Dr. Peter J. Spiro