St. Catherine's Chapel


St. Catherine Feast Day 11/25/2018

Did you know that:

... the two icon veneration stands (Proskinitaria) and the candle stand (Pangari) were donated by the Assumption GOYA Chapter in 1954? (our GOYA Chapter at that time was the largest in the U.S.)

...there are five icons of St. Catherine in the Chapel? (do you know where they are located?)

... the large mosaic icon of The Good Shepherd on the east wall of the Sanctuary (behind The Holy Altar Table) is a copy of the original 6th Century icon found in Ravenna, Italy)?

... air Holy Altar Tables within Greek Orthodox churches contain relics of martyred saints?

... during the late 1950's, on given Sundays, four Holy Altar Tables were in use during Divine Liturgies within the church? (two were used in St. Catherine's Chapel - one by the visiting St. Nicholas Albanian Orthodox Church who were allowed to use our Chapel while their own church was being built nearby at Narragansett and Diversey Ave. The Divine Liturgy for the Sunday Church School followed shortly after. Upstairs, in the main church, there were two additional Divine Liturgies on Sundays - one was in Greek and the other was in English. According to Canonical Law, a Holy Altar Table can only be used one time during a given day).

... the ten icons hanging on the sides and rear wall in the Nave are believed to have once hung in the old wooden church where Plato School now stands?

... of the ten large wall icons hanging in St. Catherine's Chapel, two icons are clearly identified as having been produced on Mount Athos? (evidence suggests that six other wall icons in the Chapel were also produced on Mount Athos, each in 1927).

... the iconographer who produced the icons on the Chapel's Iconostasis, also produced the icons on the Iconostasis in the main church of Panaghia's upstairs.

... there are eight icons on the Chapel's Iconostasis? (can you name who is on each of them?)

... before the Chapel was built, the hall space below the main church was used for Sunday Church School classes, wedding receptions, special events and youth dances? (the small kitchen served to provide food during dinner events).

... when the Chapel was built, the small classrooms on either side were not included? (they were added later, once the Chapel began to be used).

... the twelve mosaic icon medallions that surround the large mosaic icon of The Good Shepherd in the Chapel's Sanctuary were a gift to the Assumption Church by Sts. Constantine and Helen Church.

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