Assumption Newsletters

Assumption Newsletters:

2024 Newsletter 1st Issue, January-March

2023 Newsletter 1st Issue, January-March
2023 Newsletter 2nd Issue, April-June
2023 Newsletter 3rd Issue, July-September
2023 Newsletter 4th Issue, October-December

2019 Newsletter 1st Issue, April
2019 Newsletter 2nd Issue, July
2018 Newsletter 1st Issue, February
2018 Newsletter 2nd Issue, June
2018 Newsletter 3rd Issue, October
2018 Newsletter 4th Issue, December

2017 Newsletter 1st Issue, March
2017 Newsletter 2nd Issue, June
2017 Newsletter 3rd Issue, August
2017 Newsletter 4th Issue, November

2016 Newsletter 1st Issue, February
2016 Newsletter 2nd Issue, Pascha
2016 Newsletter 3rd Issue, August
2016 Newsletter 4th Issue, October
2016 Newsletter 5th Issue, Christmas

2015 Newsletter 1st Issue, March
2015 Newsletter 2nd Issue, Pascha/Pentecost
2015 Newsletter 3rd Issue, Summer
2015 Newsletter 4th Issue
2015 Newsletter 5th Issue, December

2014 Newsletter 1st Issue, Lent
2014 Newsletter 2nd Issue, Pentecost
2014 Newsletter 3rd Issue
2014 Newsletter 4th Issue
2014 Newsletter 5th Issue

2013 Newsletter 1st Issue
2013 Newsletter 2nd Issue, Summer
2013 Newsletter 3rd Issue, Fall
2013 Newsletter 4th Issue, December

2012 Newsletter 1st Issue
2012 Newsletter 2nd Issue
2012 Newsletter 3rd Issue
2012 Newsletter 4th Issue
2012 Newsletter 5th Issue

2011 Newsletter 1st Issue
2011 Newsletter 2nd Issue Pascha
2011 Newsletter 3rd Issue Summer
2011 Newsletter 4th Issue
2011 Newsletter 5th Issue

2010 Newsletter 1st Issue
2010 Newsletter 2nd Issue
2010 Newsletter 3rd Issue
2010 Newsletter 4th Issue
2010 Newsletter 5th Issue

2009 Newsletter 1st Issue
2009 Newsletter 2nd Issue
2009 Newsletter 3rd Issue
2009 Newsletter 4th Issue
2009 Newsletter 5th Issue
2009 Newsletter 6th Issue

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Assumption Greek Orthodox Church
601 S. Central Avenue
Chicago, IL 60644
Phone: (773) 626-3114
Fax: (773) 626-3141

The Church office is open Monday through Friday from 9:30 am - 2:00 pm

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